Russian Blues

Breeder of Russian Blues based in Berkshire.

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Sunningdale Blues

We are a small breeder of Russian Blues based in Sunningdale, Berkshire.
Our Russian Blues are our much loved family pets first and live in our home as part of the family.

We currently have two Russian blues, our girl Luna and our stud cat Max. You can see some pictures of them on the Gallery page. Further information about our expected future litters can be found on the kittens page.

Our Russian Blue Cats are registered with the GCCF and our kittens are also registered with the GCCF.

About the Breed

Russian Blues have a history in Britain since around 1860. They are believed to have originated from the Archengel Isles in Northern Russian and were brought to England on ships. As far back as 1875 a Russian blue was exhibited at Londons Crystal palace and pictures of Russian Blue called Bayard were published in the The book of the cat in 1903. For more than 100 years the breed has been developed and there are now a number of cat bodies that register Russian Blues, including GCCF, TICA and Fifi.

Russian blues have a dense soft double coat, green eyes and a regal appearance. They are sweet-tempered, intelligent and loyal cats.

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